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Gold Star Mission 500

EVENT: GOLD STAR 500The Gold Star 500 is an endurance cycling event which honors the service and sacrifice of service members and servicewomen who gave their lives in service in honor of our great nation.

The very idea of cycling 500 miles is difficult to comprehend fully, for each day, the riders will average 90-125 miles a day. The ride will be difficult and arduous. Each day the riders can expect to experience the extreme discomfort of cycling over great distances. However, this discomfort will be a reminder of the pain and suffering endured by the service members, the Gold Star families, their teammates, and their community. The rider’s pain will pale in comparison to the unimaginable pain felt by those who knew these Soldiers and Airman. However, our desire is for this ride to convey a message of self-determination, sacrifice, and resolution, representing, to a small degree, the spirit of those honored. The riders will start together, the riders will finish together, and the riders will experience pain and joy together, thus exemplifying the military mentality of teamwork.

Riders who cannot keep up with the pace and who begin to slow the pack will, out of respect for the group’s schedule, take a break from riding and get in a support truck until they are ready to rejoin the group at the group’s pace. Riders must be physically capable of completing the ride and riding in challenging conditions (hills, wind, rain, and heat). Due to safety concerns, riders who need repeated assistance from other riders will not be allowed to continue the ride.

Due to safety, we do not allow day riders. Because we may have to limit the number of riders, it is imperative that you train and are prepared to ride the entire distance.

Occasionally, due to hills, climbs and rider performance, the riding group may spread out. However, for safety, we will resume our pack riding as soon as possible. For the safety of the group, riders who break away from the group, either faster or slower, will be asked to adjust their riding or will ride in the support truck.

Each day will include schedule breaks every 20-25 miles. At each break, riders will have an opportunity to refill bottles and stock up on nourishment. They will also be briefed on any upcoming destinations, including the expected route, distance, conditions, etc.

Due to costs associated with the ride, each rider will pay a $470 registration fee before being accepted on the ride. This is a charity ride.
Each rider is expected to make the effort to raise enough donations/sponsorships to provide one scholarship ($1,000) in honor of our Fallen Service Members. This can be accomplished through various means including the Gold Star 500 registration website (BikeSignUp) donation tools, Gold Star Mission website Donate Page, Facebook fundraising (rider will be expected to provide proof of Facebook fundraising efforts), and cash donations collected and turned into GSM.

What does the registration fee cover for the rider?
All costs associated with lodging rental each night, fuel costs for each support vehicles, food costs (breakfast, lunch and dinner provided) including rest stop nourishment, rider jerseys (all riders are expected to bring their own black shorts or bibs), and other minor costs associated with the ride.

The 2020 route is programmed for just over 500 miles.

23 Sep 19 – Pre-ride orientation and safety meeting at Marseilles Training Center. Time: TBD *MANDATORY ATTENDANCE*
Ride Day 1 – 24 Sep 19 – Marseilles to Pontiac will be approximately 116 miles
Ride Day 2 – 25 Sep 19 – Pontiac to Peoria will be approximately 88 miles
Ride Day 3 – 26 Sep 19 – Peoria to Quad Cities will be approximately 93 miles
Ride Day 4 – 27 Sep 19 – Quad Cities to Rockford will be approximately 126 miles
Ride Day 5 – 28 Sep – We will end in West Chicago suburbs after riding approximately 80 miles.

Once you have signed up and paid the $450.00 you will be contacted by and given a link to order (which is covered in cost): 2 bike jerseys, and choice of cycle bib.

www.goldstarmission.orgRegistration Limit: 42 spots left.
Price: $450.00 Ride Fee
Registration: Registration ends May 31, 2020 at 11:59pm CDT