Team Knight Ryders was established in 2018 after Chrystal had participated in five Cowalunga Bike Tours and wanted to start a team for the event. She wanted to be able to do more fundraising for Respiratory Health Association and thought having a team of her own would help accomplish that goal. Team Knight Ryders participate in various physical fitness charity events throughout the year. By participating in these events we help raise funds for Repiratory Health Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, The American Lung Association, as well as many others.. RHA offers Asthma Management, a one-hour program for caregivers of children with asthma, to schools and in community settings. Courage to Quit® is RHA’s evidence-based group or individual tobacco treatment program for adults. It is the cessation component of RHA’s integrated tobacco intervention program. RHA delivers Fight Asthma Now©, an asthma self-management curriculum, to youth and teens in school settings. Our tobacco control initiatives are aimed at preventing tobacco use, protecting people from exposure to secondhand smoke and increasing access to cessation. RHA’s advocacy efforts mobilize volunteers and community members in support of local, state, and federal policies to improve lung health.

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You can see all the events we participate in (both past and upcoming events) here.

Chrystal Knight

Team Founder

Has participaed in 10 Cowalunga's

William Busse

Team Administrator

Has participated in 4 Cowalunga's